Bathing in Liquid Goth.

So it's been a while since I last uploaded! Whoops! During December if I wasn't working, I was sleeping. Retail is killer! Although I did manage to read some wonderful books and get super excited about ones yet to be released which I will talk about in the next blog post!! For now, I want to talk about my inner goth. My 13 year old self who spent long hours listening to Scene music and browsing myspace profiles. I wasn't someone who teased their hair and put copious amounts of eyeliner on, but I definitely wouldn't have considered myself a 'preppy' girl! haha! But had this product come out in the early 2000's I would have been all over it. Many of you will probably remember this craze that spread through Instagram and Facebook not long ago - Black bath bombs. 

When I first saw this I was obviously worried that it would stain my bath or skin, and as cool as it looks I didn't want to have to spend half an hour bleaching the bath out afterwards. So after watching a few youtube videos on this bath bomb called Hex Bomb - Black as your soul from Bella Muerte Clothing and Accessories, and seeing all the positive responses I decided to give it a whirl. As this is a website I don't know and haven't used before I used Paypal, safety first! 

The bomb itself is a little tricky to get out of the tub, you have to squeeze the bottom and then whack it into your hand, but it didn't crack or crumble too much and stayed mostly intact. As soon as I put the bomb in it looked like ink bleeding into the water. It was so COOL

The bomb has quite a strong rose scent to it, like when you first open a candle and you're slapped with its fragrance. Once the bomb dissolved fully and the scent dispersed around the room it wasn't too strong. I will admit I do like rose scented things such as perfumes or *cough* biscuits *cough*, but I prefer it when the scent is subtly floral. Although my hair does smell like roses right now and that's a thumbs up. 

If you go deep enough into your bath, you will literally disappear. Half way down and I couldn't see my hand, which lead me into believing it would be a good idea to have a snapchat of my face coming out from the blackness. Cut to water going straight up my nose and me nearly choking, but lets keep that between you and me. 

After I drained the bath there were no stains on my skin or the bath itself, or on the bath mat. The darkness came and went without a trace. 

So if you used to (or even still do) listen to MCR, Fallout Boy or 3OH!3 , then I recommend you experience this just once. It's just so fun.

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