Slytherin at heart, and your Patronus is...?

Slytherin get a lot of bad rep. We're evil, we're cunning, we're arseholes to put it lightly. That description corresponds well with my horoscope Virgo to be honest. I've fully accepted that I am a somewhat evil person, I have a very dark sense of humour and more often then not if there's a bad guy in a film I've probably fallen in love with him and looked for fanfiction. Such is my sad life. Eg: Bane from Batman, omfg please just take me away you're gravelly voice and muscly arms are killing me softly. 

Children have literally burst into tears from taking the Pottermore test and finding out they're #TeamSlytherin. Where as I had already bought a Slytherin hoodie and cushion from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter before I had even taken the test. Sometimes you just know. 

One trait that resonates with me is that Slytherins have a strong sense of loyalty. They never leave their own behind. I like that. Voldemort can't be considered a good example of this but it's fair to say that the slimy walrus isn't like most. I think characters that have an evil side are more interesting. If someone always does 'the right thing', even if the result of that good thing doesn't turn out to be good at all, it's the human nature, that selfish streak that we all have, and that fascinating urge to do the wrong thing that sets people apart. It's all good and well to have the real people in your life be loyal and good at heart, but when you're watching a movie, or reading a book, or watching a tv show, it's the bad guys that make the experience memorable. 

I'm quite happy with my house, no issue here, but I'm not quite getting the Patronus...

My patronus essentially a house cat with no tail. I mean... one of the best things about cats is their flicky tails. Out of 142 patronuses and the possibility of getting a Aardvark as a protronus, I guess I got pretty lucky. And I suppose having that cat connection with McGonagall is pretty cool too. Some patronuses are considered 'rare' too. Have you taken the test yet? What did you get? Check below to see if you have a rare or unusual patronus. There is also a very long post about how the quiz works if you're interested, but I'd recommend taking the test before you read this. No cheaters! 

  1. Aardvark
  2. Abraxan Winged Horse (very rare)
  3. Adder
  4. Albatross
  5. Badger
  6. Basset Hound
  7. Bat (unusual)
  8. Bay Mare
  9. Bay Stallion
  10. Beagle
  11. Black and White Cat
  12. Black Bear (unusual)
  13. Black Mamba
  14. Black Mare
  15. Black Stallion
  16. Black Swan
  17. Blackbird
  18. Bloodhound
  19. Borzoi
  20. Brown Bear
  21. Brown Hare
  22. Brown Owl (unusual)
  23. Buffalo (unusual)
  24. Buzzard
  25. Calico Cat
  26. Capuchin Monkey
  27. Cheetah (unusual)
  28. Chestnut Mare
  29. Chestnut Stallion
  30. Chow Dog
  31. Crow
  32. Dapple Grey Mare
  33. Dapple Grey Stallion
  34. Deerhound
  35. Doe (unusual)
  36. Dolphin
  37. Dragon (very rare)
  38. Dragonfly
  39. Dun Mare
  40. Dun Stallion
  41. Eagle
  42. Eagle Owl (unusual)
  43. Elephant (unusual)
  44. Erumpent (very rare)
  45. Falcon
  46. Field Mouse
  47. Fire-Dwelling Salamander (very rare)
  48. Fox
  49. Fox Terrier
  50. Ginger Cat
  51. Goshawk
  52. Granian Winged Horse (very rare)
  53. Grass Snake
  54. Great Grey Owl (unusual)
  55. Grey Squirrel
  56. Greyhound
  57. Hedgehog
  58. Heron (J.K. Rowling’s Patronus)
  59. Hippogriff (very rare)
  60. Hummingbird
  61. Husky
  62. Hyena (unusual)
  63. Ibizan Hound
  64. Impala (unusual)
  65. Irish Wolfhound
  66. King Cobra (unusual)
  67. Kingfisher
  68. Leopard (unusual)
  69. Leopardess (unusual)
  70. Lion (unusual)
  71. Lioness (unusual)
  72. Little Owl (unusual)
  73. Lynx (unusual)
  74. Magpie
  75. Manx Cat
  76. Marsh Harrier
  77. Mastiff Dog
  78. Mink
  79. Mole
  80. Mongrel Dog
  81. Mountain Hare
  82. Nebelung Cat
  83. Newfoundland
  84. Nightjar
  85. Occamy (very rare)
  86. Ocicat
  87. Orangutan
  88. Orca (unusual)
  89. Oryx (unusual)
  90. Osprey
  91. Otter
  92. Peacock (unusual)
  93. Pheasant
  94. Piebald Mare
  95. Piebald Stallion
  96. Pine Marten
  97. Polar Bear (unusual)
  98. Polecat
  99. Python (unusual)
  100. Ragdoll Cat
  101. Rat
  102. Rattlesnake
  103. Raven (unusual)
  104. Red Squirrel
  105. Rhinoceros (unusual)
  106. Robin
  107. Rottweiler
  108. Runespoor (very rare)
  109. Russian Blue Cat
  110. Salmon
  111. Scops Owl (unusual)
  112. Seal (unusual)
  113. Shark (unusual)
  114. Shrew
  115. Siberian Cat
  116. Snowy Owl (unusual)
  117. Sparrow
  118. Sparrowhawk
  119. Sphynx Cat
  120. St. Bernard
  121. Stag (unusual)
  122. Stoat
  123. Swallow
  124. Swift
  125. Thestral (very rare)
  126. Tiger (unusual)
  127. Tigress (unusual)
  128. Tonkinese Cat
  129. Tortoiseshell Cat
  130. Unicorn (very rare)
  131. Vole
  132. Vulture (unusual)
  133. Weasel
  134. West Highland Terrier
  135. White Mare
  136. White Stallion
  137. White Swan
  138. Wild Boar
  139. Wild Rabbit
  140. Wildcat
  141. Wolf
  142. Wood Mouse

1 comment:

  1. Haha, "slimy walrus". That's perfect.

    I'm a Slytherin, though I like to think that those with true cunning don't like to shout about it, and my Patronus is a Borzoi. I'm more of a cat person, but oh well.