Lusciously Lush!

6 months. 6 whole months I've gone without being surrounded by the amazing aroma that all Lush shops seem to have. Even the streets outside smell nicer now. 

Lush in Bournemouth has had a massive refit, and now they're finally open to the public once again, and packed as ever. I feel like there's even more bath bombs then there was before which is perfectly fine by me, no-one has managed to recreate bath bomb in Lush quality. When I walked in there was literally glitter in the air and I felt like I was walking in a fairyland. I'm pretty sure I looked like I was slightly crazed the entire time I was walking around. Thankfully I was saved by a lovely girl called Zoe! She was so nice, and she convinced me to buy lots of stuff cause I'm such an easy target. And obviously she was gorgeous because it seems all people who work for Lush naturally are. 

So obviously I had to splurge on my first visit back. Be prepared, this is going to be a long post with lots of pictures with a distinctly Halloween theme, and a special bath bomb extra. 

Lord of Misrule

Bathe in the wine of the gods and wait for all the surprises that Lord of Misrule holds inside. The mix of fragrances, vanilla, citric, and a minty hint are perfect for this time of year. The colour of your bath water will make you feel like you're living a life of pure luxury, and you'll smell delicious for days. 

Monster's Ball 

Every time I look at this bath bomb I think of Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett. This isn't a bath bomb that I've used before, and I'm really excited to try it. I love how it looks like something out of Monsters Inc, a hybrid of Sully and Mike. The lime fragrance is one of my faaavourite things. I love citric scents and I'm hoping that after using this I'll be a walking lime. Bitter inside but smelling great. 

Lava Lamp

The orange and purple colours make me think of the 70's. Not that I was alive to remember it, but I was honestly going to get some violet and orange towels when I moved to Dorset, and mum thankfully stopped me. Towels, maybe not, but bath bomb, hell yes. I can't wait to see what colour the bath water is after stewing for hours and refusing to leave this orange smelling heaven. 


I love this bath bomb, it was one of the first ones I tried when I started going to Lush regularly. First the apple fragrance will smack you in the face, then you'll be assaulted by cinnamon, resulting in an apple pie bath. Now I know I made that sound slightly worrying with all the violent language, but it's good trust me. There's no nice words strong enough to tell you how I feel about this bath bomb so I had to be creative.  


It's a pumpkin aaahhhhh! Can you guess what it smells like? Shall I give you a minute, I know it's tough when you're put on the spot. Oh, okay-IT'S BASICALLY A PUMPKIN PIE AHH GOD YES. The fact that it's shaped like a carved pumpkin gave it away a little. Vanilla and cinnamon and biscuity goodness. I'm probably going to be buying this in bulk. 

And something extra, 

Father Christmas!!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Those who say it's 'too early for Christmas' can leave now. IT'S NEVER TOO EARLY FOR CHRISTMAS. And it's never too early for Christmas themed bath bombs. This one smells very sweet, the Lush website says 'candy floss' but for me it smells like sweet sherbet. Like those straws you used to get that were filled with a sweet powder that used to be passed around like crack. That's an interesting idea for a school business. Young entrepreneurs, instead of selling donuts at break time, start selling bath bombs.  

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar

I couldn't walk past this bath melt without smothering myself in the glittery gold goodness. I don't often buy bath melts, so when I do it's usually one that I've invested in for a reason. This one being the fact that it's a sparkly pumpkin and I'm autumn themed trash. The citrus scent drew me in, and the fact that I want to walk around looking like a pixie covered in magical dust was the nail in the coffin.

and last of all I picked up a cleanser that suits my sensitive skin, Ultrabland 

I have previously suffered from facial acne, and whilst tablets and a very strong face cream has sorted it out, I'm very wary about what I put on my face now. I don't like anything too heavy or moisturizing as my skin is oily anyway, and I like my skin to feel fresh after using a cleanser. After Zoe tested the cleanser on my hand, my skin was nice and soft and I'm hoping to achieve a similar result on my face. We'll find out!

Lush in Bournmouth also now has a Make up section! One of the very few Lush's to have a make up section, I'm glad this one is close to me. I find it difficult to get my hands on cruelty free products, and so I'm excited to try everything. 

Expect a Christmas Lush haul, and if you know me personally then expect some Christmas presents from Lush!

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