I didn't expect to love this!

Tonight after a long day at work, mum, my uncle Jim and I went to go see Suicide Squad at the cinema! This is a spoiler free post, so don't worry!

So obviously I love Harley Quinn. I feel like Margot Robbie played her really well, and I look foward to seeing her more in any future films. I guessing it would be a Batman film but it would be awesome to see maybe a 50/50 from The Joker and Harley/Batman. 

This is definitely a DC film that I would watch again, and that's a big thing to say for me. Bar The Dark Knight, no DC film has been amazing. But Suicide Squad was funny, not too long, enough story to actually fit the length of the film, popular music, (which isn't always needed in a film but I think DC have finally caught on that instrumental isn't the be all and end all in dark films.) and some fantastic actors. 

I loved Cara Delevinge as well. She was so cool as the 'Enchantress'.

4* film, would recommend. 

(I'm gonna go ahead and add this to 'tv world' because to make another page feels like too much.)

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