Casey Neistat is amazing.

If you haven't followed Casey Neistat on youtube yet, you're seriously missing out on some quality entertainment. I love watching his vlogs and movies. He has such a positive outlook in outlook on life, and such drive to just do something every single day, I've never met someone so happy. 

I have no idea where the man gets his energy from to be honest. I'm quite a realist *cough* pessimist *cough*, and most of the time when people are really positive and upbeat and I'm not in a great mood, I'm pretty much a gremlin in the corner sneering at all the rainbows and sparkles. But Casey's positivity isn't cliche. It's not forced for his channel, it's not eccentric to the point of seeming false, it's just who he is. 

So as I've been watching his vlogs for a while, I can see how his attitude has influenced me and my lifestyle choices. I want to achieve more things that were previously unattainable for me, I want to strive and plan for bigger and better, and I want to be more positive. 

Casey Neistat is such a cool person, and he seems like such a genuine guy, you need to check him out. Click his picture below for his youtube channel. I highly recommend Snowboarding with the NYPD, Bike Lanes by Casey Neistat and Her Water Broke.

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