I'm so excited for this!

So who else has been waiting patiently for the Gilmore Girls revival? I've been binge watching the show on Netflix, (I'm literally watching it now whilst writing this haha) and I'm on Season 4 episode 14. I'm still waiting for Luke and Lorelei to actually be a thing, I know it must happen. I'm not overly fond of Jason? Is that even his name? I don't know, he's just been there and I've been trying to ignore him. 

Sam- sorry, Dean is starting to look more like Sam in Season 1 of Supernatural, and that pleases me. Speaking of Supernatural, I've been rewatching the show with Mum and we're on season 9! So we're very close to catching up! 

Whilst I definitely can't choose between Sam and Dean from Supernatural, it's Dean all the way in Gilmore Girls. As the show comes back on November the 25th of this year, I'm sure I'll be finished by the time that comes around. Although apparently season 7 is terrible? I'll have to wait and see before I make judgement. 

It's nice to see that all the actors and actresses are all coming back for this though! I'm super excited to see Melissa McCarthy as Sookie and Jared Padalecki as Dean. 

Who else is going to watch Gilmore Girls: A Year in the life?

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