General life updates. When I used to work behind a Bar I was very into baking, and I still am! Time and motivation can be tricky things though. So hopefully I can make a fair few posts on my favourite things to bake, experiments and the guaranteed failures. Pics included. Expect a post about my Old-Fashioned Spice Cake. 

Quick preview of some of the cakes I've made:

Top Left: Confetti Cake
Top Right: Spanish Almond Cake
Bottom Left: Blue Velvet Cake
Bottom Right: Old-Fashioned Spice Cake

Family and friends will definitely play a part, I'll try to keep my drama out of blogging but you may notice days when I'm typing particularly grumpily. 

Politics will not be a part of this blog. Unless there is something I feel very strongly about or something I can take the mick out of.

Current news MAY be a part of this blog if I feel its appropriate. It could just be a small acknowledgment or a full post depending on how I feel about the topic. 

Basically all the little happenings in my life! 

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