I regret nothing.

Okay, so I just spent a lot of money on bookish things and I don't regret it at all. Some of you might remember my post about A Court of Mist and Fury fanart and how I gushed over Charlie Bowaters prints and how I wanted to spend lots and lots of money on her stuff. Well...

I did it! After getting money for my birthday yesterday and having no clue what to do with it, I was prowling through my favourited shops on Etsy practically made an instant purchase. I'm sooo excited for my print to get here, I have a space on my wall which desperately needs filling and I know exactly whats going to go there. Pictures to come! Here's a glimpse of Charlie Bowaters prints. 'The Court of Dreams' is still avaliable here! 

Next up, I had been looking for a UK seller for some amazing soy candles featuring fragrances titled 'The Night Court', 'Rowan', and various fantasy themed things, and on twitter I saw castleoffables and a pretty picture of a candle called 'Ironteeth Clan'. After browsing through their page and clicking on their Etsy link, I was debating how much I wanted to spend on overseas shipping and then I saw 'London, England'. As the shop was due to be reopened this weekend I set up an email alert so that I would be instantly told. Unfortunately, that email must have gone straight to my junk as I only found out by people tweeting about their shopping! So I pretty much flew out of bed, grabbed my laptop, and started adding to cart quite swiftly. Within 3 hours everything was gone!

I managed to pick up 'Rowan', 'Ironteeth Clan' and 'Rhysand'. I did have 'The Night Court' in my cart but as I was paying it sold out! As that was the one that I had been looking at for a while I was a little disappointed, but I've been reassured they'll be restocking soon. I'll just have to be quicker next time!

I love bookish things and I love the detail that people put into their products. Etsy is usually where I find all of these things as well, its such a great platform for people to make something and put it out in the world for people to enjoy. If I had any shred of talent then I might have made an Etsy shop by now. Unfortunately the best I can do is baking, and even then I prefer to bake for the pleasure as opposed to on demand. Instead I'm quite happy to enjoy other peoples creativity!

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