Illumicrate! SPOILERS AHEAD!

So this is my first time subscribing to any book subscription box. The only box I've had a few of before was Geekbox. As a bookseller with a discount card I was really having to think about what box I wanted to subscribe to, and have it be worth the money. 
Obviously I was looking at OwlCrate and The YA Chronicles, but illumicrate caught my attention on instagram! Being based in the UK it appealed to my hate of overseas charges and from everyone's pictures and reviews I was liking the sound of illumicrate more and more.

So when I found a discount code online I decided to give it a bash. And I regret nothing! 

Apart from the fact that I already happened to get an early copy of Nevernight at YALC, I was still buzzing when I saw it and some extra goodies in the box! A signed bookplate from Jay Kristoff, one of the snazzy art cards that they had at YALC on the wall, and a special Nevernight bookmark!

And ANOTHER book! About witches! I'm so excited about this! I love witches! I'll stop shouting now! The Graces by Laure Eve looks so cool! 
Again we get lots of extra goodies with this book. Another signed bookplate from Laure Eve, a lovely hand written letter from the author herself! I laughed when I read it. And some temporary tattoos for all the witches in the book! 

Some lovely exclusive coasters of Harry, Hermione and Ron from the original story and The Cursed Child. All from Taratjah Art. I've seen some ACOMAF things on the shop that I'm already looking at getting! 

Gilmore girls tote bag! I had no idea what this was until I literally watched this episode yesterday. In Omnia Paratus! This bag is exclusive from Colourful Geekiness!  

From the Red Rising trilogy we have four pieces of art of which I have plans to frame and hang up on the side of my bookcase! They're so cool!

Some beautiful colouring quotes from Six of Crows and Grisha trilogy, one of which I have finished and the other I've just started! Warning, don't use sharpies for a long time because I did and the fumes will go to your head! Both of these were exclusive from Ashley Poston!

Aaaaand some extra goodies including a discount code for some very unique bookmarks from MyBOOKmark, a discount code for Unboxed by Non Pratt, and some strawberry tea from Post Tea and another discount code! 

All in all I'm super happy with my illumicrate and plan on being a long term subscriber! If you're interested in trying out illumicrate, have a gander over at http://www.illumicrate.com/ you won't regret it!

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