High on fumes!

I had plans of posting my Illumicrate today, but I got distracted by the beautiful colouring sheets we got in this months box and ended up spending most of the day colouring them in with sharpies! 

For those of you who use sharpies, you know how strong they smell! After using them for around 4 hours it's left me feeling very ill and lethargic.

It's no-ones fault but my own. Secretly I'm still thinking it was worth it because I finished one and started the other and it's the first time I feel like I've successful coloured something and it doesn't look like a 6 year old did it!

I'll be uploading my Illumicrate post tomorrow including my attempt at colouring!

There will be spoilers in tomorrows post so those who haven't got theirs yet will have to avert their eyes. I'll be posting another warning on that one too though so don't worry! 

In other news, I've also been watching PrankvsPrank and BFvsGF all day and making myself sad. I'm a long term subscriber of Jesse and Jeana and I was gutted when they broke up. It must be so difficult to have to share your daily life on the internet, and even tailor your life to what you feel like would be "good content". When you've watched someone every day for years, you get to know them, and when they're suddenly not in your life anymore, you really notice it. 

Obviously Jesse and Jeana's mental health, personal freedom and choices are the first and only priority not matter what any fan thinks, but obviously I miss their watching their daily banter! I do hope they're both living life still!

If you haven't seen any of PrankvsPrank or BFvsGF, then I would highly recommend that you do! They still sometimes upload on BFvsGF separately, but they have hundreds of vlogs to watch. Some of the best pranks on PVP (in my opinion) are D!CKHEAD PRANK, SPRAY TAN PRANK, TERRIFYING TARANTULA PRANK, and GIRLFRIEND CAUGHT CHEATING PRANK. The challenges on BFvsGF are hilarious too!



Peace, on the streeeeeeeeets, SAN! 

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