I shouldn't watch these things before bed.

Scary movies, scary games, scary books, anything remotely "dead people" that aren't zombies freak me out. So when I watch Markiplier play games like RE77 before I go to sleep, it freaks me the fuck out. Jumpscares are one thing, but when some walking corpse has grotty teeth, peeling decrepit skin, an obvious possessed look, black eyes and oozing mouths they really play on my mind. I can never watch something like that and just forget about it like some people. The type of people who go to the cinema and enjoy that feeling of being in a dark room with a giant screen that makes you feel like you can't escape when the evil little demon girl jumps in your face, are insane. And I mean, good for you, enjoy your life, but- how?

How do you just get on with your day when I'm sitting here staring at the dark corner of my room where my bathroom door is just waiting to see if the door handle starts to slowly creak and turn. UGH. I really enjoy watching Mark play these games, mostly because it creates a barrier between me and the game because you're laughing at his reaction, and you're not participating in the interactive sense. But RE77 is on another level. If you haven't watched Mark play this, and you don't want to know what happens then stop reading here. 

Basically this is another game inspired by the famous P.T. Another one that scared the pants off me. You're in a constant spiral walking through the same corridor and doorways, but each time you come full circle, something is slightly different. Whether it's a door slightly ajar, a message on the wall, a flickering light or in this case a melon (was it a ball? I'm not sure) bouncing off a door. The fact that I literally screamed when watching Mark play P.T. didn't give me much hope of staying calm when watching RE77. But alas, I went on. Having a 50" TV in my room for gaming purposes didn't help either. But I did have the light on. 

The chest of drawers with the phone on it did look suspiciously like P.T., so I kept on expecting similar scares. Not quite. This took on a slightly different level of freaky. As Mark went past a window to look at the bouncing melon, you could see the characters silhouette, and it was completely freaking out. His head and shoulders were twitching and jumping like a possessed man, which by itself left me feeling even more on edge. All the scares that I assumed would happen, didn't. But right when I was starting to think that it would get to the end of the video and nothing would actually happen, that it would just be a very clever game that leaves you in constant suspense, an eyeless, long faced man/woman/thing shoves its face right in your face and I was left wide-eyed and heart pumping furiously. Needless to say I was watching Gilmore Girls for some time afterwards. -happy place-

Games like FNAF are great, the jump scares are the main attraction for most, and for the superfans, the lore is fantastic fun. But games like Resident Evil 7, P.T., and there's another game called Allison Road that's coming out soon, they're the games that screw me up. 

That doesn't mean I'm going to stop watching Mark play them though haha!

Links to all the videos/games/Markiplier's channel mentioned below

Allison Road 
Resident Evil 7 

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