Amazing ACOMAF fan art!

Since A Court of Mist and Fury came out, I've been seeing some amazing fan art on Tumblr and Instagram and I wanted to share some of my favourites pieces and their creators with you!

'A Court of Dreams' by CharlieBowater

I absolutely love this piece by CharlieBowater. Feyre looks so pretty and Rhysand looks amazing. How Feyre looks here is pretty much how I imagined her to look when I was reading the book. I'm so jealous of Charlie's ability to create stuff like this. 
And- This piece of magic is actually for sale! If you wanted to have your very own SIGNED print then all you need to do it pop over to Charlie's Etsy shop! Not only are there some brilliant works on ACOMAF, but there are so many more. I may just have to buy one myself! Regular prints are also available on Society6.

'Water-Wraith' by PhantomRin

This is another one that has literally been taken from my mind when reading ACOMAF. I really like all the little details like the webbed fingers and spiked teeth. The Water Wraiths were really cool and I wanted to see more of them in the book. I hope that we get to see more in ACOTAR #3! 
PhantomRin's art is one of a kind, they also do works on Red Rising, Throne of Glass, The Shadowhunter Chronicles, and many more. Links below to Shop and gander!

'Feyre Cursebreaker, Defender of the Rainbow Road' by Bloodydamnit

This was one of the first pieces of fan art I saw of ACOMAF and its so creative. I looooove all the stars and shading and everything about this so much! It's so different from all the other fan art I've seen. Another person I'm so envious of! And once again, you can luckily some of Bloodydamnit's artwork! And t-shirts!

If you've seen any fan art, or if you've made any fan art yourself, let me know! I've love to see them. 

(This is not an ad, none of the artists have asked me to talk about their work, I just really liked these pieces and I wanted to share them.)

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